Ear Crop Surgery – Suspended Indefinitely (updated 8/31/2021)

  • We have stopped ear crop surgery services due to our Sr Dr that normally performs the surgery is on medical leave. It is uncertain if or when we will offer ear cropping services.

Policy Updates/Frequent Questions (updated 3/2/2021)

  • To be able to care for our patients please plan for an overnight stay for your pet.  The overnight stay is included in the ear crop package.  Currently, we do not have a doctor/technician that is present during the overnight stay.
  • Currently, there is a waiting list (up to ~4-6 weeks) for our ear cropping services.  Please understand that we are doing our best to accommodate everyone while keeping everyone safe.  Let us know as soon as you decide to proceed so that we can make you an appointment.
  • Our doctor prefers at  LEAST 12 weeks of age at the time of surgery.  This is due to anesthesia safety and anatomy.
  • There is an 18 lbs minimum for large breed dogs.
  • Our Ear Crop Package includes surgery, anesthesia, hospitalization with an overnight stay, pain medication, go home anti-biotics, and follow up for suture removal.  We have been encouraging at-home posting for some breeds using guidance from youtube. Post-surgery posting can be frustrating because with some shaking the posting can fall out. Our goal is to minimize any unexpected fees.
  • Ear crops start at $800


Dr. Kim enjoys and specializes in ear cropping, having achieved ideal outcomes for countless operations for over 35 years.  When searching for the right surgeon for you and your pet, there are many things to consider prior to making your decision.  Please give our ear crop coordinator a call, text, or email for further information regarding the procedure.

What is Ear Cropping? 

Cosmetic otoplasty (ear cropping) involves reshaping and contouring of the outer ear to achieve fully upright, free-standing ears.  Ear cropping is often an elective procedure sought out for improved esthetics commonly performed on the following breeds:

  • American Pit Bull Terrier
  • Doberman Pinscher
  • Boxer
  • Great Dane
  • Miniature Doberman Pinscher
  • Schnauzer

Just as any cosmetic surgical procedure requires precision and skill, ear cropping should only be performed by an experienced licensed veterinarian. Finances may be a factor in your decision, but you should be based on the experience of the veterinarian performing the surgery.

Patient Comfort and Safety

Ear cropping is no different from any other major surgical procedure, thus we make sure to provide the utmost comfort and care for your pet. We administer general anesthesia for the entirety of the operation and analgesic (pain control) medication post-operatively for your pet’s comfort.

 Post-Operative Instructions

Recovery and healing time are unique for each patient.  Usually, the time of surgery to suture removal to posting in certain breeds may take up to 2 weeks.  Post-operative home care is important in the healing process and will involve follow medicating, prevent scratching, and follow-up visits for suture removal and postings.  It is important to follow up post-op care instructions or failure in doing so may result in non-healing or delayed healing.  Other complications may include bleeding, infection, excessive scarring, allergy to tape and other posting materials.


Yes, skill, experience, and knowledge are all important in how the ears look, keeping the pet safe and comfortable from the time of surgery to post-op care.   However, results can not be guaranteed, and some ears won’t stand for genetic reasons such as cartilage-related issues.  On average the rate of non-standing or pocketing ears can be 10-20%.  It’s important to keep in mind that the ears are going to be cut in the best possible shape, but that doesn’t guarantee that the ears will stand.  We will continue to work with the ears by posing and manipulating to help guide the ears.



At the time of consultation please let Sr Dr know if you would like the tails docked or the dewclaws need to be removed.  You can visit AKC’s guidance on docked tails, dewclaws, and ear cropping.

Deciding whether ear cropping is right for you and your pet can be a difficult process. If you find yourself with any unanswered questions, please contact our ear crop coordinator.

If you’re interested in making an appointment please contact us via text at (209) 465-5726. When you contact us please provide the age and breed of your puppy.