Reception Area

Here is our warm and inviting reception area with plenty of space for you and your pets to wait and relax in comfort!

Examination Room

This is where your pets will be seen for their examinations, vaccinations, and any simple medical procedures. 

Radiograph Room

If further diagnostic information is required for diagnosis and treatment planning, this is where all of your pet’s x-rays will be taken. 


We have an abundance of indoor kennels used for post-surgical recovery as well as for our boarding clients. 

We are one of the few hospitals in the area with large and spacious outdoor kennels for the option of both indoor and outdoor boarding. 

Here is our private grassy play area with an individual playtime service option for your pets. This is especially great for long-term boarders and pets who are very active! 

Bathing &Grooming

This is our grooming and bathing room, with plenty of white fluffy towels to dry off your pets once we get them squeaky clean!

 If you’d like to come check us out in person, feel free to call us and drop by for a visit!